Expertise Areas

DGS Drainage & GEO Systems

Waterproofing + rehabilitation of hydraulic works: water reservoirs; sewage treatment plant; waterways; lakes; ponds; dams.

Waterproofing + drainage of underground works: tunnels; foundations; peripheral containment.

Waterproofing + sealing of environmental works: sanitary landfills for urban solid waste; banal or hazardous industrial waste.

Innovative Software

Managing irrigation and controlling the absorption of nutrients efficiently.

Substantial reduction in water, energy, fertiliser and phytosanitary costs; increase crop production and productivity; consistency between campaigns and multiple production sites; increase environmental protection and sustainability in water use.

Greenhouses & Hydroponics

The development of greenhouses is totally adapted to all kinds of crops. Depending on the crop and the climatic characteristics of the region, equipment for climate improvement and automation will be considered for incorporation, in order to increase the quantity and quality of the fruit. The materials provided are of the highest quality in order to meet European manufacturing standards.

Specialized Architectural & Engineering

From regular housing and industrial constructions, passing through infrastructures, we developed skills in areas of future importance like new agriculture methods, geothermal energy and renewable energy (solar photovoltaic projects mainly), giving our clients services that goes from the Investment Planning, Engineering and Architectural Design, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Start-Up of the project, depending always of the client needs.

Implements & Trailers

Our partner is specialized in the development of efficient solutions in three major areas, agriculture, transport equipment and environment.

We look at innovation as a key component for optimization. For this reason, technology is the engine that drives ambition to serve our clients.


We value agricultural production through global irrigation solutions that increase farmers’ profitability by working on a day-to-day basis to improve irrigation performance.

We provide more appropriate and reliable irrigation solutions to our customers to optimize irrigation – water, power, fertilizer and production.

Biotechnology Products for Organic Agriculture

Biotechnology products derived from a mycorrhizal forming fungus (Glomus iranicum var tenuihypharum) which enhances root growth and subsequently improves water and nutrient uptake by promoting a penetrating mycorrhizal colonization. It’s designed to produce greater physiological activity, increase crop yields and improve fruit quality.

Dryers, Silos and Animal Geed

In the production area we provide equipment’s for complete units of animal compounds, pet food, mortars, pellets, etc.

In the packaging field, we work with several types of products, namely cereal, fertilizers, animal feed, flour, rice, mortar, etc.

We can build any agro-industrial project with big scale production.


Substrate specially develop for the production of vegetables in intensive system such as Pepper, cucumber, melon, courgette and other crops with similar needs. This substrate is characterized by its durable structure and as such optimal for all of crop cycles.

General Transformation & Packaging

Transformation technology: process technology; food filling technology; beverage filling technology; lube filling technology, seaming technology, product treatment technology and sorting technology.

We project and build packaging lines to pack all kind of products.

Special Implements for tomato crop

Development and construction of innovative machinery, appropriated for each crop, with optimized efficiency.

We project and develop agricultural implements with a functional design and innovative techniques to ensure maximum productivity/efficiency in all agricultural tasks.

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