About us


Harvest Consulting provides consulting and technical support services in areas like integrated and organic agriculture. Our objective is to support, develop and promote sustainable production methods in order to achieve our clients economic goals with an environmental balance and social responsibility.

We have the best know-how and technological solutions based on our long experience and partners experience.

We get together the best in class solutions according our clients necessities so they can grow their business with better and sustainable crops.

We have multidisciplinary teams with large experience, that can cover the different steps of a 360 degrees project done exclusively for you.


Provide integrated, customized solutions designed to help our customers boosting their performance and overcome their goals.


To be seen by our customers as the reference company in the sector, recognized by the added value of our services and outcomes of our work.

Core Values

Our responsibility as a company in achieving the proposed objectives is designed within the following values:

  • Accuracy
  • Integrity
  • Ecological sustainability
  • Financial sustainability
  • Proximity to the customer
  • Compliance with local regulations
  • Social responsibility

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